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Mills Square is a place where everyone wishes to spend their life at. The home are elegant and the design of sky high building which are crafted like a sculpture is simply beyond what words can describe. Mills Square is one of those living space which grabs the attention and makes an impression that is hard to forget even while sleeping. After successful projects in Erin Hills Phase I and Phase II, Pemberton developers decided to beautify the skyline of Phase III of Erin Hills. The architects took the responsibilities on their shoulders and came up with this futuristic looking design which is highly appealing.
The glass building provides a great view of the nature and surrounding along with providing adequate reflection during the hot weather. The design also lets the natural sunlight enter the house when and where required so that the residents are not away from nature in closed space. The closer one is to nature, the better health he lives in. Mills Square provides all facilities that are required to simply the life and it also ensures that you do not have to travel far for your needs as the complex houses a community centre, a shopping centre like Walmart and even a hospital for the unseen emergencies. Mills Square is also a house of green parks which provides a recreational area to children along a place for jogging to all the fitness freaks. The housing space also has a Starbucks and a few more restaurants to tickle the taste buds of the residents without having to travel them miles in search of simple pleasures of life. Mills Square is a complete package of little and big things which one may require in every days life to fulfil the needs and lavish desires.
The best part is that all the facilities are well managed and takes care of space management. The club house is catered with all the facilities which makes it lively. Because of all this, Mills Square proves to be an ideal home for the people who are willing to have a stress free healthy life. A resident can be connected yet be disconnected from the hassle of life while spending their time in the housing complex. The terrace also houses cooking areas along with huge space to sit and relax. Mills Square is surely like a magical portion which makes life a lot better from the first day itself.

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