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Pemberton Group came up with another elegant project known as, Mills Square. Mills Square housing space comprises of four beautiful, sky touching towers which are sculptured with glass and metallic finish. Architects designed a floor to ceiling glass design which gives Mills Square a look of future. The buildings touching the sky is a sight of beauty which never fails to grab attention of by passers. With the first ray of sun, the glass of Mills Square reflects the beam and shines like a child brimming with hope of a gleaming future. Mills Square is landscaped with green trees which takes care of the environment and provides with fresh air every day without a break. Mills Square provides a comfortable and luxurious residence in Phase III in Erin Hills. All the amenities are also provided in the living space. Mills Square is easily accessible through any geographical location. The Mills Square buildings are surrounded by gardens, recreational centre and a lot of greenery.
With Mills Square, parking would never be a problem because of ample parking space and Mills Square also has community halls which facilitates community gathering and other cultural events. The club in living space provides with space for recreational activities and even a peaceful space to meditate. Design of each and every corner of Mills Square is taken care of and none of the place in the township fails to impress and leave an everlasting impression. The interiors are given a special detailing so as to keep residents hooked to the design of their new home. It is not just a house but it is a home designed with love and care. The best thing is that Mills Square also houses a bar and the bar has well trained staff which takes care of the needs of its visitors. Even living with children would be a pleasure and not worrisome became of the parks in the living area which takes care of the safety from the high speed traffic. The health benefits which can be derived from the owning a home in Mills Square are exponential because the township is close to nature and provides adequate space to detox the life from growing stress.
Mills Square looks futuristic as well as elegant. It surely feels luxurious and extravagant beautiful. A home in Mills Square guarantees a lifelong happiness and every lasting memories which are going to last memories.

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