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Mills Square is a recently developed a luxurious living space. The building is designed with extensive use of glass and every resident gets an access to an outdoor terrace. In today’s hectic lifestyle, everyone need fresh air and a space for recreation. In the age when we need space management, so Mills Square has the space for recreation along with it also take care of the health needs.
Mill Square’s building are carefully architected with a huge outdoor terrace. It is not just any terrace built with brick and cement, the terrace made in Mill Square is handcrafted with passion and creativity. Each terrace is built with superior material along with elegant design which is enough to grab anyone’s attention and provide them with space to relax. Terrace are designed so that the residents can spend their time in afternoon as well evening. The view from the terrace is stunning and Mills Square’s each rooftop terrace with equipped with an elegant outdoor cooking station. Barbequing is not a problem anymore because the Mills Square took care of it. Each and every weekend can be spend on the rooftop terrace along with family with exotic food cooking on the cooking station and the terrace is also equipped with ample of sitting space. There are sofa sets and dining tables on the terrace which compliments the wood finish flooring and the glass layout of the terrace. The railing will ensure the safety of the kids and it will gurantee a perfect chilling spot to you along with your family. The terrace is built in the tone of brown and the view from the terrace is breath taking.
Mill Square will prove to be an ideal living space for anyone who like to stay away from stress and who enjoys nature because the terrace is at a great height and provides a great view. Moreover there is no need to carry barbeque station all along with you because of the dedicated cooking station. Mill Square also proves to be a perfect space for a small get together because of great space management skills. Everything that is required during the get together is provided by the Mills Square, from spacious terrace to seating are. Residents can surely show off their new residence to their friends and relatives. The view simply compliments the lifestyle of people who want luxuries at doorstep. Mill Square is surely the home of future.

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