Mills Square is the phase III of Erin Hills project by Pemberton Group. Mills Square is equipped state of the art amenities just like its predecessors. A super built Gymnasium being one of them. The common areas of Mills Square are beautiful and surreal and so is the design of its gym facilities.Not only in terms of Aesthetics but also in terms of the equipment, the gym will be of real help to the society members of the Mills Square. The air bothoutside and inside is Fresh and rejuvenating.
Not only the condos of Mills square but also the Glass view Gym offers a surreal and natural view of the greenery outside. This is a positive point for all using the gymnasium inside the premises of Mills Square. The place is quiet and also facilitates meditation and yoga.
Mills Square is a destination for people looking of lavish built close to nature. Mills Square houses exceptional condos with elaborate amenities. We at Pemberton group are of a view that Mills Square is the place for people seeking relief from hectic office lives. The place offers homely comfort and a gymnasium in the Mills Square premises ensure that you are keeping fit.

Created by admin | January 16, 2017 | Construction Photos

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