Erin Mills has added another architectural masterpiece which is going be called Mills Square. It is a group of four towers that house different condos of various spaces. These towers are being built under the great supervision of talented engineers who are making sure of the quality of the structure. The Clean glass design not only makes it look beautiful but also makes way for natural sunlight to flow through the building. The work which is in full flow is expected to be completed in a few months. The whole work has been supervised by Pemberton Group who are currently making it sure the work is completed on time. The towers have ample space for leisure activities and have enough space for everyone to just take a stroll and clear their mind. These towers are crafted by the top architects that makes it not only pleasing to look at but is functional and strong as well.
The construction is done with the help of latest technology as well as with high quality materials. These materials ensure that the building is shockproof as well as rigid. The towers will have the plantation in between them as to make sure a perfect natural environment that not only looks beautiful but also serves another purpose to make the air healthier. The tower will include facilities such as swimming pool, gymnasium, community center and more places to hang out for people of all age groups.
The towers are currently in phase 3 of the Erin Hills Project, other structures are planned to be constructed in near future as the expansion of the plan takes place. The teams made for inspection are handpicked by the planning committee and is talented enough to recognise any faults in the program. Mills Square offers facilities that are unmatched anywhere else in the locality. In a few months, the towers will be completed and lucky few people would be able to live in this paradise. The Pemberton Group is committed to giving people a place that is peaceful as well as very well built. This place is also close to the public facilities and institutions such as schools, hospitals, airports etc. It is accessible by everyone and is situated at the center point of the city. The condos made are of different space and style that will please to everyone when it’s completed.
There is a different world altogether inside the structure which gives its residents a peace of mind that is never ever achieved before.

Created by admin | January 16, 2017 | Construction Photos

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