New and upcoming Mills Square promises to be a world-class condos offering a plethora of facilities. New towers which are four in number has been designed to appeal to the millennials as well as the older people alike. The construction is going at full pace and is expected to be completed in the near future. Being constructed using the latest technologies helps the construction to be completed in a less time than others. Pemberton Group has been looking over the work as it wants it to be complete as soon as possible in order to give it to the lucky few who could then enjoy the scenic beauty of the tower. The towers are being constructed using the best materials which make it shockproof and sturdy. This not only makes it safer but also makes it look good which are the two biggest priorities of the Pemberton Group. The towers have enough space to be wanted by the residents.
The Mills Square wants to be one of a kind living space creating an experience that seems closer to the nature. By placing greenery it would not only look beautiful but also offer residents with clean air to live and work in. The structure is of the highest quality and is shock proof. It also includes facilities such as swimming pool, gymnasium, community center, cafes and other places to hang out.

The condos have entered the 3rd phase of the Erin Hills project which has arrived after the completion of phase 1 and 2 with great success. The work that is being carried out under proper supervision is expected to be complete in the near future. The location of Mills Square is another factor why it should be considered the first choice for a home as is it closer to hospitals, Schools, and other public places. Living at Mills Square will be an experience in itself as it offers a boast of features that no other living locality in the area could match. The feel of being closer to nature is what is missing from the lives of people these days and it could be ahead in the Mills Square.

With just a few months far from completing Mills Square stands as an epitome of modern living combined with nature that is unheard of.

Created by admin | January 16, 2017 | Construction Photos

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