The towering heights of the sculptural Mills Square are the new address in Erin Mills. Sculpted with a passion for formulating the best of world class living condos, Mills Square comes with a clean glass design. There are four condo towers in the project which are a delight in all sense. The craft of these towers is exquisite and the aura of living here will be grand. The construction of the towers is in full force. They are being built with the latest construction technologies and equipment. This year marked the start of the construction with all excitement and Pemberton Group is working extremely hard to maintain the flow of work. The project uses best class materials so as to deliver a sturdy, shockproof yet beautiful architecture. The execution of construction work is simultaneous in almost all the structures, be it the towers or amenities space.
The building structure frame is as robust as it can be and has a finish as alluring as it can be. The modern day techniques of construction ensure that the project is resistant to natural calamities to a greater extent. The plan of Mills Square offers a great deal of green landscaping. Then it boasts of a vibrant community center, swimming pool, gymnasiums and more common areas. Overall, we term Mills Square as enchanting in all respects. The plantation of trees for the lush green inside of premises is incepted and with a month or so we can show our promise to the world.

The condos of Mills Square are Phase III of the Erin Hills Project. The Phase I and II have been greatly successful and we hold the same promise in Mills Square. With this view, super fast construction methodologies have been implemented here. There are separate teams for inspection which make sure that the construction is not compromised by any chance. Clearly, Mills Square has the charm of a newborn baby. It is a celebration of a comfortable life. With the construction levels on its peak, Mills Square is nearing to deliver its commitment. The location of the project is, by all means, convenient. It has closely located schools, hospitals parks, and other public facilities.

The world inside Mills Square is a pleasant palatial and gives its residents a tranquil experience close to nature.

Created by admin | January 16, 2017 | Construction Photos

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