Amenity – 8

The spacious homes are designed to be a favorite both in terms of inner view as well as the far-sighted view. Mill Square offers scenic views right from your condo window. Getting to the plan of the condo one can find that it is crafted in a way to radiate the feeling of simplicity and class. There is light and tranquility in the design.

These condos have been the talk of the town since their inception, all for positive reasons. The plan of these condos give a peek into the lifestyle the Mills Square Condos tend to offer. The glass finishing of these towers is a class apart elegance. To be very precise, the four towers at Mills Square are glass-cloaked and that too in the most attractive manner.

The skyrocketing tower of Mills Square is graced with the best of nature and design. Not only the condos are superbly designed but also the amenities there have been designed to perfection. There is greenery all around the towers and this is the most special part of the entire Mills Square.

Created by admin | January 16, 2017 | Amenities

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